Matty Roberts withdraws from 'Alienstock.'

On the evening of September 10th, the 21-year-old originator of the Storm Area 51 turned Alienstock event, Matty Roberts has announced his decision to withdraw from the event, citing financial and organizational concerns.

Here is Matty’s full statement: Due to the lack of infrastructure, poor planning, risk management and blatant disregard for the safety of the expected 10,000+ AlienStock attendees, we decided to pull the plug on the festival. The permit holder (Connie West) was given multiple opportunities to provide us with the proof that things expected at this festival were in place. In fact, she refused to provide to us, as agreed upon, contracts, proof of deposits or any paper proof of anything.We are officially disconnecting from Connie West, Rachel, NV and AlienStock’s affiliation with them.

We will no longer offer our logo, social media, website or Matty Roberts likeness or scheduled appearance. In short, the relationship has ended permanently, and AlienStock will be moving to a safe, clean secure area in Downtown Las Vegas as an alternative.We are not interested in, nor will we tolerate any involvement in a FYREFEST 2.0. We foresee a possible humanitarian disaster in the works, and we can’t participate in any capacity at this point.

AlienStock is a brand that stands for unity and concern for like-minded people. It’s grown into much more than a location. It’s a phenomenon that can only promise absolute safety and peace, and we need to move the Festival to guarantee that. Stay tuned for more news... it’s BIG!

- Matty Roberts Founder of StormArea 51 and the AlienStock Festival

This news doesn’t bother me as much as some would think. For Cosmic Thirst, it was never about the event, anyways. We aren’t keen on painting ourselves neon and dancing away to electronic music. What we were and ARE keen about is meeting new and interesting people, conversing with true believers and sharing stories and new theories. And, as I have mentioned in an earlier post, we were planning on being fully prepared to be self-sufficient for more than four days to begin with.

Yes… We are still going – Looking forward to it.

As of recent, it was also announced that Matty would be taking the show to Las Vegas for a downtown Alienstock event on the same date.No thanks – if anything this is even better news for Cosmic Thirst. That means that the people who do show up will be really looking for an “experience” as opposed to a publicity stunt.

Connie has responded to the statement by claiming that there are 20 bands lined up and that she has the resources in place for a large festival. In her own words, “The show will go on.”

Well Connie, from Cosmic Thirst... Can’t wait to you see there!

Officials are currently estimating that as many as 20,000 people could show up in Rachel and nearby Hiko for another event on and around Sept. 20. Lincoln County has also been preparing for the events that are being held.

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