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Join the Cosmic Community and meet with believers from all over the world! Forum categories include space exploration, consipracy theories, the search for intelligent life and much more! You can also follow along with Cosmic Thirst founders Jared & Dustin as they discover the unknown.

Interact with Cosmic Thirst founders Jared & Dustin. Follow their Cosmic Blog as they keep you updated with stories, videos & content involving a variety of issues including, space exploration, conspiracy theories, the search for intelligent life & much more! Join the forum & meet other believers.

Sep 18

Cosmic Watcher Beware~


To all cosmic event goers. Prehaps you'll see extraterrestrials first hand. I hope you remember to bring a disposable camera in the event your smart phones aren't smart enough. Though I have never witnessed anything that remotely resembles a extraterrestrial I can not 100% say that they don't exist. For your event coming up this September I hope to hear that your Exspectations are met with truth.

Or this will be the next Burning Man annual event. I personally hope there are no extraterrestrials, because if there are that would mean a completely different aspect in our world as we no it.

Not to mention all the questions that would have to be answered. In the meantime until I am convinced with my having seen an extraterrestrial first hand I will continue living happily ignorant.

I'm wishing you all well and I'm sending you positive thoughts~