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Follow Jared & Dustin's Investigative blog as they discover the unknown. From space exploration & future technology to the search for intelligent life & conspiracy theories, they cover it all. You can also join the Cosmic Community to share and meet with other believers.

Join the Cosmic Community and meet with believers from all over the world! Forum categories include space exploration, consipracy theories, the search for intelligent life and much more! You can also follow along with Cosmic Thirst founders Jared & Dustin as they discover the unknown.

Interact with Cosmic Thirst founders Jared & Dustin. Follow their Cosmic Blog as they keep you updated with stories, videos & content involving a variety of issues including, space exploration, conspiracy theories, the search for intelligent life & much more! Join the forum & meet other believers.

What’s up my fellow truth-seekers?  If you made it this far, just know, you’re now being watched by the F.B.I.  Ha-Ha!  Just kidding.  It just means that you also have a quenching thirst for space, sci-fi, anomalistic events and the unknown, or known but hidden; i.e. the TRUTH!  Well fellow seekers, you have come to the right place.  Here, my best friend Jared and I look for answers hidden among the stars, and the ones hidden in plain sight, like right here on planet Earth. 


                I have been into conspiracies and anomalistic events for years now, but I’ve had a thirst for the unknown since I was a kid.  I remember sneaking out of bed and standing in the hallway, peeking around the corner as my dad would watch, ‘The X-Files’, hoping he wouldn’t catch me on his way to the kitchen for his third midnight snack.  Even though it scared the shit out of me and gave me nightmares, I was hooked! 


                As I grew older, my interest grew with me.  I was intrigued by anything in the sky, always in hopes that it would be a UFO.  While everyone was stuck looking down at their phones, I was stuck with my eyes to the skies, always looking for what I’ve only ever seen in someone else’s footage. I want to see it with my own eyes, the undeniable truth that, We’re Not Alone.  But I don’t WANT to believe, I DO BELIEVE!!! 


                For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to live in Oregon.  The landscape is beautiful, the weather never gets too hot and it rains abundantly, and I love the rain.  An extra bonus living there is that Oregon is a hotspot for UFOs.  A few years ago, Oregon was considered the number two hotspot for UFO sightings in all of North America with Canada being number one.  Mix all that, then add the fact that the pilot episode of ‘The X-Files’ was about a case of alien abduction in a made-up town in America called, Bellefleur, Oregon, and I have enough reason to  not only want to just visit there, but live there. 


                 As much as I want to live in Oregon, my journey hasn’t taken me there yet.  I currently live in Houston, Texas, but am originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Born and raised in Oklahoma, I lived there for 25 years before I figured out the same thing the Aliens did long ago… “Ain’t shit to do in Oklahoma…”  But before I moved, I met the best friends in the world, who would all come to be family to me.  Eventually, I met the one person who truly thought like I did, but a tad more on the logical side; I met Jared.  Jared and I met in the most


unusual of ways.  I lived in an apartment complex in Oklahoma City, roughly 10 years ago, and I drove the most ridiculous car at that time; a white Chevy Aveo.  Lo and behold, there was another idiot who drove that exact same car in my complex, color and all.  It was Jared.  The first time I met Jared, I said, “Hey, you the other idiot driving this shit Aveo?  Well, we just became best friends!”  And like that, we’ve been best friends ever since. 


                  Now, Jared is most definitely the logical one, and must steer me back on path when I tend to stray too far, but I always have the best rebuttal for him; “It’s not about the evidence provided, but the lack there of…”  He has always been my go-to for anything cosmic, unknown or alien related.  Anytime I see or hear of something, he’s the guy I call, and vice-versa.  So, we decided, why not have a place for like-minded humans to enjoy, collaborate and indulge into a good story, or conspiracy.  And here it is! 


                What we plan to do here is search for the unknown amongst the stars, and the Earth, and to have to as many interactions as possible with like-minded people across the country, and eventually across the world, who have a story to tell.  We will post these stories here and leave it up to the rest of the world to make their own conclusions.  We’re not here to persuade you or make you believe, we’re just here to find the truth in the unknown. 


                The truth is out there, it’s just waiting for people like us to find it!  WE’RE NOT ALONE!!!


                Dustin Goodwin currently lives with his beautiful German Shepherd Gemma in Houston, Texas.  He is a sales professional with over 10 years’ experience in sales, customer service and management, as well as years’ worth of anomalistic and conspiracy research.  He enjoys any and all conspiracies involving space, aliens or anomalistic events, as well as anything to do with parallel universes or time travel, writing, reading, horror movies, B-rated movies, The X-Files, Californication, and one day meeting, David Duchovny....