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Follow Jared & Dustin's Investigative blog as they discover the unknown. From space exploration & future technology to the search for intelligent life & conspiracy theories, they cover it all. You can also join the Cosmic Community to share and meet with other believers.

Join the Cosmic Community and meet with believers from all over the world! Forum categories include space exploration, consipracy theories, the search for intelligent life and much more! You can also follow along with Cosmic Thirst founders Jared & Dustin as they discover the unknown.

Interact with Cosmic Thirst founders Jared & Dustin. Follow their Cosmic Blog as they keep you updated with stories, videos & content involving a variety of issues including, space exploration, conspiracy theories, the search for intelligent life & much more! Join the forum & meet other believers.


      By visiting hopefully that means that, like me, you have a curiosity for the unknown and a yearning to discover the fundamentals of our existence. You have this urge, or desire to want to be able to explain the unexplained. Maybe you’ve looked up at the stars once or twice in your life and asked, ‘what if’? Why don’t we just call it a thirst if you will, a cosmic thirst… Because really, that’s why we’re here and why we wanted to start this community. To be able to create a place for us to connect with other believers and discoverers of the unknown, as well as providing unique and entertaining content pertaining to a variety of things including science fiction, space exploration, the search for extra-terrestrial life and conspiracy theories. We hope you enjoy your stay and just keep scrolling down for more about me and my Cosmic Thirst.

      For me it started at the age of 12. When perusing some books on a long bookshelf my mom kept in the hallway (she was an avid reader and passed the trait on to me), I ran across an interesting cover with a man walking across the desert, with what looked to be a giant worm in the background. My interest piqued, I sat down right in the hallway and started to read the first few pages. Starting from the moment Paul was experiencing the effects of the gom-jabbar and the pain described, all the way to the process of hooking a sandworm, I was forever changed by the pages of, ‘Dune’. Written by Frank Herbert in 1965, ‘Dune’ is a must-read and I highly recommend it. From there I was forever a science-fiction fan. I started to devour everything within the Sci Fi/Fantasy section at the local library. Everything from Asimov and Clarke to Simmons and Vonnegut; I couldn’t get enough.

      As I got older, I stared to learn about our current space program and what it would take for us to reach the stars. I followed every step of SETI and other intelligent life searches, doubtful but hopeful. Learning Drake’s equation and the fermi paradox just made sense to me. The universe is so big, what kind of ego do we have to possess to think we are the only ones within it? And Drake was underestimating! There is no other project I have ever been more excited for than the completion of the James Webb Space Telescope. The things we will learn! But back to the subject at hand, I have this passion that has been cultivated through 20 years of reading and researching all of the world’s ‘what if’s’, and it is what lead me to create Cosmic Thirst. Well yeah, that and Dustin Goodwin.

      I met Dustin Goodwin 10 years ago when we were living in the same apartment complex. I drove a white Chevy Aveo and I would always see another Chevy Aveo, also white, always parked in the complex. It interested me because I wanted to meet the other idiot out there driving an Aveo (sorry Chevy). The very first time I saw Dustin he threw up his arms high in the air and yelled, loud enough for the whole block to hear, “Hey! You the dude driving the Aveo? I drive the other one! We’re totally best friends now, you know that right?” And he was right.

​     Whenever I had a new origin theory or learned about a new technology or discovery, Dustin

was the first one to call. When Dustin learned of a new UFO or alien sighting, I was the first one he called, debating and theorizing over boozy nights and crashed couches. And even now by phone, after Dustin moved to Houston, we keep in touch weekly, still bonded by our love of the outer-worldly.

     I consider myself the logical one and don’t like to make assumptions without evidence but instead keep possibilities open. For instance, yes I believe that there is intelligent life out there somewhere, due to the sheer size of the universe, but I don’t necessarily think any aliens have ever visited Earth based on the cost of resources it would take to travel the light years to get here. Although I am on the fence some days as there is a lot of compelling evidence out there that would say otherwise. But that is exactly what we are here for! To explore those thoughts and ideas, provide great storytelling and hopefully meet and interact with other believers out there. So once again, thanks for stopping by. Subscribe to Cosmic Thirst if you’re interested in getting updated on future content or if you just have a story to share, just drop us a line. We would love to hear from you. Well, Dustin and I are off. I’m sure there is an unknown to be known somewhere. See you soon!

Jared Shelden currently lives with his beautiful wife, Mildred, in Oklahoma City. He is a marketing professional with over 10 years professional experience as well as a lifetime worth of cosmic experience. Along with the already mentioned passion, he enjoys reading, writing, movies, the NBA, parallel universe theories and anything that might be interesting at the moment.